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S hams Industries Pvt Ltd is an Industrial Powerhouse based out of Sohna, Gurgaon dealing in the field of manufacturing of Pyrolysis / Industrial Fuel Oil through tyre recycling technology. It is an organization that believes in putting waste to the best of its use as the main source of raw material is waste / scrap tyres, irrespective of their condition. Thus, any tyre that is of no use for the general people is utilized by us as raw material.

Established in April ‘2013 the company has achieved a reputation of a highly professional organization in this industry which believes in manufacturing high quality products. Having an experience of almost half a decade in the fuel oil industry we have a bank of trusted clients who can vouch for our products at the highest level of epitome.

Able leadership, constant support and teamwork makes us what we are today. We don’t believe in owner-employee concept, but involving everyone in a way that they are free to make and execute decisions (if required) and work as a team (in their respective roles); right from the Managing Director to the unskilled labor. Each member of our team is trained and motivated on regular basis to maintain the benchmark of quality standards not only in our products but also in their performance.



  • To provide high quality unadulterated Industrial Fuel oil, Carbon Black Powder and Scrap Steel Wire which can be used as a benchmark for quality.
  • To be regarded as the most genuine and professional organization.


  • To become the most trusted manufacturer of Industrial Fuel Oil in Northern Region.
  • To provide employment to more and more skilled and semi-skilled labor forces in the industry.
  • To become a platform for employment of the skilled and semi-skilled labor forces in the industry.